Items I have designed

Final designs I have came up with in Product Design module.

Floor lamp with cushion on its base to sit on.


Cardboard chair which is based only on the strength of the actual cardboard. No adhesives, staples or tapes were used. Held up two people sitting back to back, unfortunately, collapsed under the weight of the third one.


Portable speaker which can be easily carried around due to its size and weight.


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Interactive ordering system for The Stables Bar-UL

As a part of our final assignment, we were give a task to come up and design a interactive installation for any place or building withing the UL. After a bit of research and thinking, we have cam up with this, interactive ordering system which will help costumers to beat the ques at the bar. From our research and observation we have concluded that ques are pretty long and we decided to get a rid of these.

Here is a video which we have made to represent our idea. We are using simple paper prototypes which are implemented into scenario. For this installation, you would ideally have multi-touch screens which would be actual tables.

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Video production assignment – Faux News

For final assignment of the module we were given a task to shoot any video of our choice, so we came up with this!

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Design Fiction

For my design fiction paper I have came up with an idea for an mobile app that would help people find parking space a lot easier and quicker.

The idea is based on the problem which is encountered by people in cities looking for parking spaces. Even though there are electronic signs placed around the city which show the availability at various car parks, these doesn’t include on-street spaces.

My app would include these as well which would make a big difference in my opinion. The app would be easily available for everyone and would be based open data sources and partly use Google’s street view. App would also allow users to add comments about car parks such as its availability at various hours or update on its pricing or opening hours.

Users of the app would be able to add comments once they have parked, e.g. “I am leaving in 20 minute”. This message would appear on the map along with time of the post so another user can see it and probably make their way towards it. Another users can be going towards it as well so this might cause a bit of a competition. The app would have to be tested in real-life to resolve this kind of a issues.

The on-street spaces will be tracked by sensors which would have to installed in the road at these car parks. The big car parks would be tracked by their own tracking system and its tracked data would be send into the app database form which the info would be displayed to the user.

The app would also show car parks near your selected amenity you are about to visit. Info about car parks would be also include e.g. pricing, opening hours, availability at various times of the  day.

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Product Design Assignment 1.

In the first assignment of this module we had to choose six objects and sketch them in Illustrator. We were also required to render them in Photoshop. There were also some shapes to render which we did at the start to get ourselves comfortable with it. Here is an example of few.

Untitled right3 right2right1 right

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Directed studies module

This is the second part of this module which we already had back in first year.

In this module we mostly study academic papers on different topics. These are hard to read at first, for me at least, but after reading a few of them it becomes easier. The language is so different to what we are used to in everyday life. But now after the introduction in first year, it seems much easier now. Now, when I come across such a paper I can understand it much quicker and it is way more easier to read it than it used to be.

I learnt how to pick the right paper for the work I am carrying out. Also, now I know how to pick out the point the author is trying to get across and make the most of it. I now understand that it is crucial not just read the paper and agree with it, but also make my own opinion and also read other sources. Afterwards I can shape my own opinion and possibly critique or praise them.

The main objectives of this module is to teach us how to read research papers and mainly understand them. It also teaches us how to write annotated bibliography. This bibliography is based on the papers we were given to read about the topic we have picked. This topic is Urban Informatics and all the six papers were based on this topic.

An annotated bibliography is similar to the abstract but it is quite not the same, and it used to be confused between among people. Annotated bibliography not only include the plot of the paper but also the reader’s opinion on the paper, and this is the main difference between the two. It can also include some criticism.

Here are the two papers that were most interesting for me;

Lindley, J. and Potts, R. (2014), A Machine. Learning: An example of HCI Prototyping With Design Fiction 

This paper is about Design Fiction being used in HCI as a prototyping technique. In the video, it shows a concept of an artificial smart device which is learns from its user what it can and the more it is used the more it learns. The idea behind this is to put the device into a real life situation and this helps the developer understand better how the device would behave. I like this idea and I think this can be used in the future projects.

Seeburger, J., (2012), No Cure For Curiosity: Linking physical and digital urban layers, pp, 247 – 255

The main idea in this paper was to see how PlaceTagz would test out in life. The author placed QR codes in public places so people could scan them and interact with each other. The main idea behind this project was to increase the interaction between people in urban areas. I liked this paper mainly because of this idea but also because people weren’t afraid to scan the QR code in public places and interact with complete strangers.

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Dating web site assignment

This was an individual task given in my web development module which I have completed.

We had to develop a register page for this kind of a website so I came up with this…

code1 scrSh dating scrSh

Above is the screen shot of the website and a piece of the code.

I have used HTML5 and CSS to create this.

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Web development project

  • the brief was to develop any website we wanted but it had to allow the user to:

1. log in/sign up

2. post (photos/videos/posts)

3. allow the admin to see users that have signed up/loged in and get their name and e-            mail address

  • we have used HTML5, CSS3, SQL, Java, PHP
  • home srcSh login scrSh gallery scrSh

Here I am including few screenshots of the finished website…home page,log in/sign up and the gallery page which also included an option to upload pictures. Below is a small piece of a code from the home page.

code scrSh

This project developed my communication skills, teamwork, co-operation and taught me to get on with other people, divide the work and get it done on time. It also put me into a role of a natural leader as I was making sure that everyone is up to date and all the work is done.

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Reflection on our group work

I think so far we are progressing fairly well with our group assignment and everything is moving. So far we have presented our slides to the students and lecturers which I think went pretty good and we have done well in it, despite few things we have left out such as inline citations but that isn’t the end of the world sure. We have all worked on our bits from start which is good in the sense that none was holding up the whole thing and we were all driven by each other which really helps. I have personally took on a topic of ‘home’ in which I have researched two papers related to this topic. All we have left to do know is to put together out final essay which is almost done but it still needs them final touches. Once we have that done we can go and enjoy the Christmas but hold on, we first have to fight through them final exams.

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Personal opinion on the topic of ‘Designing interactive installation’

In my opinion interactive installation, even the simplest ones helps people to get interacting with the technology in their every day lives. I have enjoyed doing this topic as I am interested in interactive installations and how they can improve people’s lives or just make them a little easier or funnier. These installations can also help people to get more active as these days it mostly very inactive lifestyle that we are living in the sense of physical activity. These activities can improve people’s health and their well being and might get to know new people that they would probably never meet. So over all I think interactive installations are great things for everyone and there is a lot of space for new inventions or for an improvements to the existing ones. Maybe some day I will come up with one as well 😀

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